I was living in my car and supporting a $200 per day drug habit when I first entered DBIOP. I was immediately welcomed into the group despite the fact that I was still using. Group facilitators were helpful and kind; they encouraged me to be fully honest with myself and peers. DBIOP’s program of group therapy and one-on-one individual treatment allowed me a better understanding of the disease of drug addiction and my own maladaptive thinking. Counselors went above and beyond my expectations and made themselves available on their own time so I could reach them in crisis. Peers in group have given me their free time and concern as well. I continue to attend DBIOP and make more progress toward overcoming addiction and mental recovery every week.

After five years of living in Palm Beach County during my active addiction I’ve tried tens of facilities and IOP programs only to relapse over and over again. I tried everything to try to stifle my drug use and depression issues. DBIOP is the only program that has ever had any lasting effect. This week I will have ninety days clean; the most time in ten years of sickness and misery. I have an interesting job, a home, and a new car, but most importantly, I think that now I have a fair shot at life.