addiction during the holidays
No need to get stressed out because the holiday season is upon us. Don’t let struggling with addiction during the holidays become the Grinch that stole Christmas. We did a little googling so that you could take a few minutes to chill with this list of holiday how-to articles. You can survive the challenges and enjoy the holidays this year.

Early Sobriety Holiday Joy? Oy

“I’m not going to lie; the holidays in early sobriety were hard. But is this news? I mean, I’ve heard it said that alcoholism is a three-fold disease: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.”
[ A refreshingly candid share on Psychology Today by Anna David ]

Addiction during the holidays: Recovered or not, it’s important to be prepared

“… for recovering addicts, or those still struggling with an active addiction, the holidays can be a particularly troubling season that can invite a destructive relapse. As with all mental and physical health issues, education and awareness are a powerful first line of defense.
Why Are The Holidays So Difficult For Addicts?
What Are Some Of The Hidden Struggles That Can Intensify Addiction/Trigger A Relapse?
What Are Some Strategies For Surviving The Holidays?
Should I Use New Years To Confront My Addiction?”
[ No nonsense, sobering advice for addicts from Adi Jaffee Ph.D. on Psychology Today. ]

You and the Alcoholic/Addict for the Holiday Dinner

“It’s hard to say no to alcohol in your home, but don’t be afraid to do so.”
[ Advice for the conscientious holiday host or hostess from Carole Bennett M.A. on Psychology Today. ]

New Year’s Eve Without Drugs or Alcohol?

“Experimenting on New Year’s Eve can be harmful to your health.
… I’ve sat in many groups with addicts trying to plan for these holidays so that they can make it to the other end without throwing away everything they’ve worked so hard for. The temptation of shooting up (link is external), smoking a bowl, or drinking a fifth of your favorite liqueur (or 2 bottles of wine (link is external)) can be too much when everyone around you makes it seem like so much fun.”
[ Don’t test your resolve during a New Year’s Eve party. Advice from Adi Jaffe Ph.D. on Psychology Today. ]

Alcohol Abuse During the Holidays

“It’s a fine line between heavy drinking and clinical alcoholism.
Here is some practical advice for the holidays. Think about how much alcohol you will consume before arriving at a party, then stick to your decision. If you find it difficult or uncomfortable to stick to your alcohol consumption plan, that is a red flag of a potentially more serious alcohol issue. If you are the host, offer a wide selection of non-alcohol beverages along with a variety of food to snack on. Never push someone to have a drink. Furthermore, if someone is intoxicated, try to discourage him or her from another drink or trying to drive by offering an alternative. The inconvenience of driving a friend home is better than living with only a memory during the holiday season.”
[ Statistics related to binge drinking and alcoholism by Richard Taite on Psychology Today. ]