"Delray Beach IOP was by far the most notable treatment center I have attended. I have been to 10+ treatments, detox, etc. and the staff and therapist all are in sync. The staff treats you with respect and sincerely cares about each other and their clients. They do not even seem to be “in charge” at times because we are treated on such a level playing field. The best thing about Delray Beach IOP that I can attempt to convey is the staff are human, they have compassion, and treat each person equal to, or better than family. I have felt at home from day 1, and when I was given a birthday cake on my 27th birthday while in treatment, I felt more at home with them and my eyes lit up with appreciation and gratitude that complete strangers merely a week before took out their own money and time to wish for me a happy birthday. On top of the amazing therapists and case workers, they listen and care about making your stay a truly peaceful, yet helpful treatment. I was treated with love and respect from the first day, even through, and after my discharge. Delray Beach IOP was not just a treatment center, they have become more than my words can describe. They helped me, help myself. That is priceless. Thank you Delray Beach IOP and all that are involved, from your help, a little elbow grease on my part, and the spiritual connection to my God, I am in a great place to restart my beautiful adventure that is often referred to as life."