In her new memoir, Katey Sagal again reveals what originally influenced her addiction problems:

“The Sons of Anarchy actress says in Grace Notes: My Recollections that she was friends with [Judy] Garland’s daughter Lorna Luft during their youth, bonding over their mothers’ behaviors.

‘When I was 12, we lived on the same block as Judy Garland,’ (Page Six) Sagal writes, ‘Her daughter Lorna Luft and I became neighborhood buddies. Lorna’s mom had a lot of pills on her bedside table and slept past noon just like my mom.’

… ‘We hung tight. And, of course, I thought everyone’s mom took a lot of pills.’ ”

Back in December of 2013, she proudly shared in an interview that appeared in Rolling Stone:

“I’m 27 years clean and sober, but I definitely had addiction issues in my 20s. I got sober when I was 30. There were a lot of personal things going on, too. My parents passed away in my 20s. I had a lot of shit that I just didn’t deal with. Or that I dealt with it by drinking myself into a stupor.”

Just for fun check out a young Katey Segal backup vocal and the message, “I don’t want to lose you.”


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