graham Nash about cocaine“David [Crosby] was a walking poster boy for the devastation of coke. He was bloated, some of his teeth were missing, his face was swollen, and he was in serious denial, insisting that he had his shit together. So I decided there and then: no more cocaine for me. It had been part of my life from 1968 through 1984. I’d done enormous amounts of the stuff–enormous amounts. But I didn’t want or need it anymore. It wasn’t a very difficult decision. I’m a pretty determined man. So I swore off it for good. There has been no cocaine in my life since that night.”

“It’s about love and friendship and loyalty, and being their for your friends when they’re obviously hurting. That was one of my main concerns with this book is how David Crosby would react to it. Because I was brutally honest about it… So when I called David and talked to him, he said, ‘no I did all that. I did put you guys through all that. I did spiral down. Every word is true. Don’t change a word.’ It gave me a great sense of relief.”

Are you surprised looking back all these years later that you all survived? Quite frankly, yes. I’m amazed that we’re still here. I’m amazed that we’re making good music to this day.”


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Source: Book, Graham Nash Wild Tales, p.300