nutrition classNutrition is an important part of our holistic focus here at Delray Beach IOP. Our groups are designed to support all the various aspects of your life that will contribute to a successful journey through drug rehab as well as contribute to a continued happy path through life. Our addiction recovery nutritionist, Corrie leads groups on a regular basis, provides cooking demonstrations as well as one-on-one guidance to the individuals going through our programs.

“I discuss various nutrition topics such as the importance of:

  • adequate hydration
  • fiber rich foods
  • regulating blood sugar levels
  • protein sources
  • how to utilize an anti-inflammatory diet
  • bowel regularity
  • probiotics and food sources rich in healthy bacteria

It is a rewarding experience to expose the members of a group to tasting unique foods that they can easily incorporate into their diets and learn to love. It can be a real eye opener for some individuals to see how many healthy alternatives there are that can boost their overall health. Once you get a taste for healthy food and how good you feel incorporating it into your regular routine, you’ll crave that healthy energy boost.”

An excellent resource for Nutrition and Addiction information was published in Drugs and Alcohol Today. Download the pdf.