Keep working while in recovery

Learn to build a productive life free from drugs or alcohol in a format that extends over an optimal period of time with flexible schedules you can work around. Our drug rehab groups allow you to continue your recovery process while balancing the demands of work, school and home life.

We’re here for you —

  • drug & alcohol rehab groups
  • flexible hours
  • one therapist assigned to monitor your progress
  • continuous relapse prevention
  • high success rate

every step of the way.

Recovery isn’t just about avoiding substance abuse. Recovery is about living your life to the fullest instead of succumbing to addiction. Learning how to balance all the positive things you get back in your life can be a challenge. The process may not even be enjoyable or rewarding at times. We know that. That is why we have specially designed support groups and case management protocols to help you balance finances, family, work and a healthy social life. Having some form of structure, routine and responsibility will keep you engaged and confident. Give yourself permission to enjoy life, have sober fun and try healthy activities you can feel proud of.

A steady job and satisfaction in your career is empowering and essential for your success. We have experienced addiction counselors ready to coach you on:

  • resume building
  • interview skills
  • and many other job related issues

We are committed to insure that you can keep working while in recovery.


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