Evidence-Based Practices

The Delray Beach Intensive Outpatient Program offers treatment for men and women who need a structured recovery treatment program but who may not otherwise be able to attend due to occupational obligations. Our program is perfect for those coming out of a residential treatment center who need to resume work or school schedules. Delray Beach IOP teaches participants to build productive lives free from drugs or alcohol in a format that extends over a period of time with flexible schedules.

Motivational Therapy
MT is designed to help the client identify non-productive patterns of behavior that lead to dysfunction in their lives. MT uses a collaborative approach between client and therapist to rapidly establish rapport and elicit an honest evaluation of client weaknesses. MT focuses on core needs, identity and development of behavioral control through an understanding and mastery of emotional state changes. The ultimate goal of MT is to enable the client to consistently maintain a self-directed, self-motivated lifestyle free of the need for prescription drugs and repeated interventions.
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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an integrative psychotherapy approach extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. As normal information processing is resumed following a successful EMDR session, a person no longer relives the images, sounds and feelings when the event is brought to mind.
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Vocational Training
Our vocational groups cover a variety of community based resources to help individuals find, secure and retain employment. We use transitional employment training as a method to help individuals with barriers, experience real work environments while building a recent work history.
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Group Therapy
Our groups cover understanding the mind/body connection, early awareness of triggers, stress management, nutrition instruction and demos, challenging self-defeating patterns, identifying and integrating essential coping skills, reconnecting with family and loved ones and how to establish a strong support system including sponsor, 12 step meetings, individual therapy and leisure/play.
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Family Therapy
Those of us who have worked with issues of addiction or known someone close to us suffering from an addiction, know that this disease affects everyone in the family. We also know that addiction is often multigenerational and that there is a strong genetic component. For those of us trying to understand and help the addicted family member, it becomes an essential part of our recovery to understand the context of how the family history has shaped us and the emotional, psychological, and social effects of addiction on everyone. Whether it is alcohol, drugs or compulsive self medicating behaviors such as gambling, family therapy helps the entire family recover. Living with someone who has developed a pathological relationship with a mood altering experience to the point of life damaging consequences has devastating effects. Therefore, a family approach to therapy helps us understand how family members may play a role in our recovery, whether from problems related to the addiction or when they present other challenges. Our approach will help families and those in recovery become familiar with factors that increase or reduce the likelihood of getting healthier.
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Trauma-Based Treatment
This specialized therapy can identify areas where long-standing problems can be dealt with differently for those who have trauma related issues. Beneficial and improved decision making skills are one result of paying attention to this sensitive state of being.

Continued Care Services
Continued Care is a vital part of recovery at every level of treatment. The program provides continuing services for persons who have completed a higher level of substance abuse treatment, such as residential, intensive outpatient or traditional outpatient programs. Continued Care services help families and pro-social support systems reinforce a healthy living environment.
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Board Certified Interventionist
We offer highly skilled interventionists to assist families with linking loved ones to needed resources and care.
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