10 good reasons that support your recovery:

Traveling out-of-state to recover from substance abuse is worth considering for many reasons. Daily exposure to being where addictive behavior feels normal can stand in the way of a fresh start and interfere with the clear focus to get better. Difficulty staying sober in the past may have had nothing to do with the quality of the program, but rather with still being in close proximity to the same factors that made drug use easy to begin with. The addict may blame themselves for failure to work the program under these circumstances. Difficult or stressful relationships with friends or family can also serve as a trigger to use illicit substances. Quite often the best possible chance for a successful recovery for the long-term drug abuser is to get away from their current toxic situation.

1. Privacy and Confidentiality

Drug rehab is a very personal matter. Attending a local drug treatment program may create additional anxiety about being seen by someone you know as you enter or leave drug treatment. A parent with a visible role in the community either through volunteer work or a successful career may want to keep the family dependence issues within the safety of anonymity. When there is a greater sense of privacy, there is one less thing to worry about. Research has shown that patients move through rehab better if they do not feel burdened or distracted by outside influences. Removing the concern about privacy can therefore provide valuable benefits.

According to the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, among the “commonly reported reasons for not receiving illicit drug or alcohol use treatment among persons aged 12 or older who needed and perceived a need for treatment but did not receive treatment at a specialty facility were … concern that receiving treatment might cause neighbors/community to have a negative opinion.”

2. A better, bigger support community

support communityEverything that fuels your past addictive behavior is located in your local environment. The people, triggers, stress, dealers, local stores, and things you once associated with addiction are within your reach. This makes it easier to get drawn back into the very life that you need to escape. Being out-of-state replaces everything bad for you with a support system that promotes rehabilitation and recovery.

In particular, Delray Beach, Florida has the largest recovery community in the United States. The good news is that there are more support meetings and recovery groups available to you here in Palm Beach County than anywhere else. The quantity of groups both in terms of scheduling flexibility as well as the variety of a specific focus is abundant. What a relief to know a strong support community is ready and willing to help multiple times per day, every day of the week. There are AA based groups as well as non higher power based groups. Groups for overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol, over eating, gambling, video game addiction, mixed general groups, groups only for men or only for women, young people, seniors, recovery meetings for beginners or for old timers, groups just for the gay and/or lesbian community, groups focusing on extra support for depression, specific languages, the hearing impaired, handicapped accessible, support groups with extra emphasis on spirituality or meditation and groups that meet on the beach. Having access to so many others committed to recovery who “get it” as much as you can is a huge factor in setting yourself up to succeed.

For non AA based recovery meetings see:
https://www.smartrecovery.org/local/ (type in Delray Beach)

3. Not easy to leave. Not as easy to quit.

It is much easier to leave treatment while enrolled at a local facility. Friends can entice you to do anything but work your program. At home the exact same toxic environment as before is waiting just outside the door.

4. Zero Distractions

distractionsYour first and foremost goal is to get to the underlying cause of use. Even though it may seem normal to want your loved ones close, some patients are tempted to focus more on their loved ones than their own recovery. When attending out-of-state treatment, there is no other option but to stop worrying about what is going on at home. The focus shifts to getting better. Even old routines can negatively impact your addiction treatment. Spend your time and attention on what matters most; your recovery. It takes dedication and discipline to beat addiction. Physically leaving and isolating yourself from every possible distraction to focus solely on your recovery may benefit you and your loved ones the most in the long run.

5. Best time to heal relationships

loved onesThe best time for repairing relationships is towards the end of an addict’s program, after they have healed themselves.

6. Get away from known suppliers

Many patients don’t want to enter a local rehab in their own community because they know too well how to gain quick access to the substances of their addiction.

7. Two birds with one stone

If you decide traveling elsewhere for rehab suits you best, pick a place that is pleasant that you can associate with positive feelings. Reward yourself for taking care of yourself by enjoying a pleasant climate and environment. A place you like will be less stressful and provide a better opportunity for success.

8. Access to higher quality care

If your treatment is covered by insurance, the cost for treatment in-state vs anywhere else in the Unites States will most likely be the same cost. Seeking treatment in another state opens up a variety of additional options, which allows for the selection of the best treatment center for your needs.

9. Additional financial investment = a greater investment in you

Money spent on travel is money you won’t see again. That money is extremely effective at keeping people on-task. If you quit without completing drug rehab, all the money you have already spent goes to waste. It’s a powerful incentive to stick with the program. Consider this, the financial and emotional cost of addiction is less than what it costs to travel.

10. Less of a chance for relapse

The closer you are to your familiar and comfortable places and people where your habits were originally developed the most likely you are to relapse. Build success into your plan by recovering some place else far away from those who may trigger a relapse. Statistics show that those completing rehab programs out-of-state are less likely to relapse.

Contact Delray Beach IOP today and ask any questions you may have regarding traveling from your state to join our supportive recovery community. We extend a warm Florida welcome and invite you to enjoy the warm tropical healing ocean breeze as you take the first step into your new drug free life.