Continued Care Program

Continued Care is a vital part of recovery at every level of treatment. The program provides continuing services for persons who have completed a higher level of substance abuse treatment, such as residential, intensive outpatient or traditional outpatient programs. Continued Care services help families and pro-social support systems reinforce a healthy living environment. Activities include application of new skills and tools learned in treatment, continuing education about addiction and relapse prevention and participation in daily activities that were adversely affected during the individual’s substance abuse. New directional goals such as vocational education or rebuilding relationships are often priorities. As an adjunct to Continued Care services, persons served are expected to participate in a 12 Step program of recovery.

Relapse prevention and counseling are designed to complement prior treatment. An Continued Care plan is developed with the individual to facilitate their participation in supportive counseling. Should relapse occur, the individuals and their clinician devise a plan to address relapse prevention for the future. Relapse prevention issues are of key importance in helping persons served recognize triggers and warning signs of relapse. The focus is on identifying and finding alternative activities for relapse triggers. Random and frequent urinalyses aid in monitoring for relapse.