PMS: Hormones in Recovery

women and recoveryFor a woman who’s been using or drinking for many years, the first sober encounter with a nasty bout of PMS can be intense. Being sober during PMS is like putting a magnifying glass on issues, because they are not cushioned by alcohol. It is like experiencing them for the first time.
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Anger Management:  
The Key to Relapse Prevention  
How to Control Your Anger Before it Controls You

Unresolved anger is probably the number one relapse trigger for people recovering from addiction — and the most insidious. Anger can seem like an uncontrollable force when we’re in its grip. But by putting our minds to it and utilizing anger management techniques and tools, we can control angry feelings and thoughts before they control us.
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Managing Anger & Negative Emotions

Those of us in recovery know early on that anger and negative emotions often trigger relapse. One of the first things we learn is to be more mindful of what we are feeling and then learn to manage the feelings in a more healthy way. As we build a foundation of recovery, it becomes essential that we learn to identify right away what we are feeling and the attendant thoughts that have triggered those feelings. One common truism in the recovery community is that addicts begin to relapse, long before they pick up drugs/alcohol, because of toxic patterns of thinking and inability to manage emotions.
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