Delray Beach IOP saved my life.

“delray beach iop saved my life. I came here broken and wanting to just give up on everything. Thanks to this place I was able to get back everything i thought i’d lost and so much more than i could ever imagine all thanks to the intimate group settings to be able to get more feedback from the therapists instead of just a quick check in. Every single one of the staff members all played a role in helping me get my life back. …
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Addiction – Getting right to the core of the issue

“I think my therapist’s talent is something that can’t be taught. It’s a natural gift of being able to cut through the nonsense and get right to the core of the issue. And that’s exactly what separates him from any other therapists that I’ve worked with. You can go to school your whole life but that doesn’t mean you can relate to people or understand what their issues really are.”