1,600 overdoses in Delray Beach last year and unregulated sober homes have gotten the attention of our local politicians who are insisting on getting extra resources

One day after Florida Governor Rick Scott did not mention the opioid crisis during his State of the State address, a contingent of 250 Palm Beach County officials pressed legislators hard Wednesday for help to combat a problem that has devastated families and strained first responders. …

“We are being crushed,” Glickstein said. “We are losing businesses. We are losing tax revenue. These people are ending up homeless, penniless. We need help. We need the cavalry, and we need it now.” …

Without enough regulated treatment options, addicts have turned to unregulated sober homes, some of which are operated by people more interested in making money than helping patients.”

…[Scott’s] budget does include $4 million in additional funding for the Florida Violent Crime and Drug Control Council. Half of that money is to go to local law enforcement agencies investigating cases of opioid abuse.

A fact sheet compiled by the Economic Council of Palm Beach County, whose members joined elected officials in meetings with legislators, noted that legislation to address unregulated sober homes has not been filed.

“However, conversations have begun at the committee level regarding increased regulation,” the fact sheet states. …



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ORIGINAL SOURCE: palmbeachpost.com, Mar 8, 2017, By Wayne Washington, http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/news/state–regional-govt–politics/delray-mayor-lawmakers-are-being-crushed-opioid-epidemic/iJyaa2EzbnlMc8x9dchEIK/#