Palm Beach Sober Home Task Force follows the money.


The Palm Beach County Sober Home Task Force continued its crackdown on sober homes and drug treatment providers Thursday, busting two men for patient brokering. A third man, Patrick Norquist, was arrested Friday.

“These gentlemen are guilty for every time they cashed a check,” says Detective Nicole Lucas with the Delray Beach Police Department.

Norquist is the co-owner of the Halfway House in Delray Beach. Dudek is the owner of the Southern Palms Oasis.

Lucas says they referred their patients to Whole Life Recovery Center in Boynton Beach in exchange for hundreds of dollars.

James Kigar … was arrested and charged with patient brokering last month which lead detectives to Norquist and Dudek.

“They’re referring kids to particular places so that they can get money. They’re not referring them to the best substance abuse provider,” says Lucas.


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ORIGINAL SOURCE:, Nov 17, 2016, By Alex Hagan,