Affordable Sober Living

recovery housingrecovery housingrecovery housingrecovery housing

Transitional sober living choices are available. So don’t worry about where you will live as you continue recovery after you move out of your inpatient program. We have many referral sources for every level of care. If we don’t provide a service you need, we know how to find reliable services elsewhere. What matters most is that you advance in your recovery and move on to a happy substance free life.

  • Guaranteed Sober Community
  • Separate housing for male or female residents
  • Affordable Rent
  • Transportation to meetings
  • House manager on site
  • Community food
  • Gym passes
  • Case Management

You can expect to stay in a safe and clean home with a light and breezy relaxed Florida style. The home shown on the right just got a brand new kitchen!

Rules are in place and enforced for the benefit and safety of all residents.

  • No smoking in house
  • Curfew is enforced through a phase system
  • No clients or non-clients of the opposite sex allowed in male or female house
  • Any guest of the same sex are subject to UA
  • Clients are to respect privacy of other clients (bedroom, bathroom and other personal space)
  • Guests are not to be in bedrooms
  • No gambling
  • No food in bedrooms
  • No use of any drugs or alcohol on or off of property
  • No physical contact between clients